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About the Artist

Distilling her experiences and beliefs through form has been a life-long passion that manifested into sculpture at an early age. Hunt-Pierson's predominantly figurative works reflect her personal quest to foster and explore an appreciation for all that is. "Reflecting the gentle aspects of the twenty first century consciousness and revisiting classical figurative expression by using explicit and honest human anatomy, my sculptures calmly express the connection of the spirit plane to the physical.  Thought and emotion, both intangible, become vibratory in bronze.  Flowing lines of anatomy, water, and wind metaphorically reflect the transition of awareness through time and space. My sculpture represents an invitingly non-resistant and accepting world ."

Lucy Hunt-Pierson sculpture is represented in collections throughout the United States and parts of Europe.

Bronze is her preferred medium, not only for the strength inherent within the constitutional properties of bronze that allows extended designs, but also for the quality and range of its deep lustrous patinas.